The skies over the Verrotwood have turned a sickly grey. The hopes of men have withered as fast as the crops. Desperate for salvation the people have begun to turn to the long forgotten and unspeakable things that rest in slumber somewhere deep in the forest.

Pagan cults clash in the name of their gods. They do awful things to gain their favor, in the hope that they can awaken their gods.

Verrotwood is a grimdark fantasy miniatures agnostic skirmish game. The game's core rules are designed to be simple to pick up and play. It uses a ten sided dice pool system that helps to speed up play by removing the need for math at the table.

A simple but versatile cult customization system allows you to pick from a large list of unique rituals to cast upon your enemies. As you play through the competitive campaigns, your cult will gain power and grow stronger with an easy to follow leveling system. In-between games your cult will explore all of the horrifying things that the Verrotwood have to offer in a random event system.